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Diesel Parts & Repair

Diesel Systems

Diesel Pump Testing & Repairs

With the latest manufacturer authorised test equipment, we can test and repair a huge variety of diesel pumps, from conventional mechanical pumps to fully electronically controlled high pressure systems.

We are fully equipped to deal with most pumps from the major manufacturers including:

  • Bosch
  • Delphi
  • Continental
  • Denso
  • Stanadyne
  • Zexel
  • Motorpal
  • Yanmar
  • Lucas CAV
  • Bryce

And many more!

Pumps can be precisely tested, and we can then determine if the pump is the cause of the problem, and whether it needs a minor repair or to be fully remanufactured.

Diesel Injector Testing & Repairs

As with pumps, we have the latest manufacturer authorised test equipment, and can test and repair a huge variety of diesel injectors.

We are fully equipped to work with all makes of conventional mechanical injectors, Common Rail injectors and Bosch and Delphi Electronic Unit Injectors (EUIs).

With our state of the art test equipment and temperature controlled clean room facilities we ensure that all tests and repairs are carried out to the exacting specifications of the original manufacturers.

1000’s Of New & Exchange Parts

We also hold an extensive stock of new and reconditioned parts, including:

Bosch Mechanical Injectors

Bosch Common Rail Injectors

Bosch Electronic Unit Injectors

Bosch Electronic Unit Pumps

Bosch Common Rail Pumps

Bosch VE Pumps

Bosch VP Pumps

Bosch PFR Pumps

Bosch Fuel Lift Pumps

Bosch Stop Solenoids

Bosch Common Rail Metering Valves

Fuel Filters

Delphi Mechanical Injectors

Delphi Common Rail Injectors

Delphi Electronic Unit Injectors

Delphi Electronic Unit Pumps

Delphi DPA Pumps

Delphi DP200 Pumps

Delphi DP210 Pumps

Delphi Common Rail Pumps

Delphi Fuel Lift Pumps

Delphi Stop Solenoids

Denso Mechanical Injectors

Denso Common Rail Injectors

Denso Suction Control (SCV) Valves

Continental Common Rail Pumps

Continental Common Rail Injectors

Zexel Diesel Injectors

Zexel Diesel Pumps

Yanmar Diesel Injectors

Yanmar Diesel Pumps

Stanadyne DE Pumps

Stanadyne DB2 Pumps

Stanadyne DB4 Pumps

Stanadyne Diesel Injectors

Injector Return Fittings

And many more!


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