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Terms & Conditions

Tyrone Diesel Systems whose registered address is 95 Dromore Rd, Omagh
Co.Tyrone, BT78 5JH

VAT Registration Number: GB 390759711 / XI 390759711

Shipping, Delivery and Tax

Tyrone Diesel Systems reserves the right to use numerous delivery companies to send items to the relevant party.

Following the dispatch of an item, the responsibility for the wellbeing of said item is with the courier; this includes international and domestic destinations.

All prices shown on the site are in pounds sterling and are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise provided. Delivery, VAT (at the applicable rate), any applicable bank charges, and the cost of packaging and insurance will be added to or charged on invoices at the appropriate rates and paid by the Buyer. If the rate of VAT is amended, we shall change the rate of VAT payable by the Buyer accordingly.

Tyrone Diesel Systems is not responsible for any damage to an item caused during its transit.

Tyrone Diesel Systems agrees to provide tracking details for any item purchased.

Tyrone Diesel Systems does not accept responsibility for any unforeseen delays in delivery of an item to the Buyer, including but not limited to:

The courier experiencing difficulties finding the delivery address.

Any errors incurred by the Courier during the process of the delivery.

The Buyer providing an incomplete and/or incorrect delivery address.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to acknowledge and understand the tracking of an item during transit.

It is the Buyer’s responsibility to inform Tyrone Diesel Systems of an order not being received within the previously stated timeframe.

The cut off time for an item being delivered next day (U.K mainland only) is 4.00pm Monday to Thursday, 3.00pm Friday. All orders after this time will be shipped the following working day. We are not open on either Saturday or Sunday.

Payment, Pricing and Promotions

In the unlikely event of a web shop error in relation to incorrect pricing, Tyrone Diesel Systems is under no obligation to provide an alternate item at a greater cost to the Seller; instead a full refund will be issued to the Buyer.

Tyrone Diesel Systems reserves the right to decline any order made by the Buyer prior to the item being dispatched.

Orders will not be processed by the Seller until the Buyer has paid for the purchased item in full.

The Buyer agrees to payment of any relevant VAT costs at time of purchase, and Tyrone Diesel Systems will not be held responsible for any changes in VAT made during the transaction.

In the case of a payment being withdrawn by the Buyer following the dispatch of a purchased item, Tyrone Diesel Systems will seek to recover the items or the equivalent monetary value of the items plus any incurred expenses.

Any advertised offers or promotions by Tyrone Diesel Systems is not in conjunction with any other discount or offer, unless stated otherwise.

All promotion end dates are final and must be acknowledged as such by the Buyer.

By using a credit/debit card to make payment for an order, the Buyer confirms that they are the authorised owner and user of the card.

Warranty, Returns and Damages

Tyrone Diesel Systems agrees to providing a one-year warranty for any items purchased by the Buyer, from the date of purchase, unless stated otherwise.

Tyrone Diesel Systems will not accept returns of any item outside of the agreed timeframe stated at time of purchase.

If any seals are broken or units tampered with warranty will be void.

All warranty work must be performed by Tyrone Diesel Systems. Otherwise warranty will be void.

Tyrone Diesel Systems will not be held liable for any consequential costs e.g. Removing and refit, workshop charges, recovery, vehicle hire charges etc.

Refusing an item upon delivery based solely on the condition of the external packaging is not advised as the item within may not be defected.

In the case of a Buyer reporting the item as damaged, Tyrone Diesel Systems may require photographic images of the packaging and item to help progress the resolution to this issue. All units returned through warranty will undergo full testing by our workshop engineers. If the unit is deemed not faulty, testing charges may apply and be incurred upon the Buyer.

All items must be sent to Tyrone Diesel Systems returns address. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the safe transit of all returned items.

All returned items must be accompanied by the relevant paperwork. Lack of relevant paperwork may result in a returned item being refused. 

Surcharge and Old Unit returns

All units returned must be like for like and in a serviceable condition, i.e must be complete (off vehicle condition) with all parts fitted and no physical damage to housings, electrical connectors, springs or casings etc. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in the unit being rejected or only part of the surcharge being credited.

All returned units must not be dismantled or stripped.

All returned units must be drained of fuel and placed in a plastic bag. Our carriers now fine us for arranging collections that leak fuel and they have the right to fine us up to £250 for leaking parcels and can also scrap the parcel. Tyrone Diesel Systems reserve the right to pass on any charges to the customer.

All old units must be received by Tyrone Diesel Systems within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for refund.

 We advise that any Buyer adhere to the following guidelines to enable a refund, when returning old units:

  • Re-use protective caps supplied alongside your replacement unit.
  • Re-use the polythene bag and safely replace in the packaging the replacement unit came in.
  • Return to Tyrone Diesel Systems.


If agreed by both parties that an item supplied by Tyrone Diesel Systems is in some way faulty, then Tyrone Diesel Systems agrees to refund, either partially or fully, the Buyer via the original payment method. Please refer to our warranty section for more information.

To be eligible for refund, all items must be in the same condition as when the Buyer first received the item(s).

All returned items will be inspected by our engineers to conclude the condition of the item(s). It is at Tyrone Diesel Systems’s discretion whether a faulty item is returned to the Buyer or not. The Buyer will be informed of this decision in due course.


Tyrone Diesel Systems guarantees all items sold are as advertised and free from faults or defects for at least the duration of the relevant warranty period. This guarantee will be void if faults or defects are as a result of the Buyer using the item against the manufacturer’s instructions or misused in any way.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to report any suspected concerns of faults, damages or defects on any product purchased from Tyrone Diesel Systems as soon as possible.

Tyrone Diesel Systems will not accept responsibility for any costs incurred on the Buyer as a result of a faulty or defected item.


Tyrone Diesel Systems endeavours to deal with any complaint by a Buyer is the quickest, most professional manner possible. In the case of a Buyer not being satisfied with any aspect of our service, then formal complaints can directed to [email protected] and dealt with by the relevant department.



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